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National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment

Providing Evidence of Student Learning:
A Transparency Framework


Current assessment activities include information on a full range of projects and activities recently completed or currently underway to gauge student learning, make improvements or respond to accountability interests. Transparent current assessment activities are:

• Clearly stated in language that is understandable for various audiences
• Described and illustrated to clarify how a particular assessment activity is used and how it relates to the institutional mission and vision
• Prominently posted or linked to in multiple places across the website
• Updated regularly to reflect current activities
• Receptive to feedback on the presentation of the current assessment activities by having contact information or a form to send feedback

Institutional Examples

St. Olaf College

St. Olaf has a table displaying each taken and planned test/survey that it administers. By clicking on a test already taken, you are taken to another page explaining the test (examples, overview, framework for the test, sample) and St. Olaf’s results. A transparency issue remains as the results are still password protected.

Slippery Rock University

Slippery Rock University

Slippery Rock University provides the assessment cycle and calendar provides information on when assessment activities occur over the course of the academic year.


Spelman College

Spelman College

Spelman College's Electronic Portfolio Project (SpEl.Folio) is quite developed. Students begin work on their portfolio upon entry their freshman year.

University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinati portfolios

UC E-Portfolio Project was started in 2008 and examines how CLA and E-Portfolios contribute to learning and assessment.

Watch an online presentation about eportfolios: E-portfolios and national standardized tests: Validation or Depreciation?
Read an AAC&U article about UC's efforts from April 2010.