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Select NILOA presentations given over the course of the past year are listed below. For additional NILOA presentations, please see the Resource Library.

We also invite you to view a new page, NILOA In the Field, where we share NILOA's work in the field through Senior Scholar commentary and resources to highlight the range of our engagement in conversations around learning and share our work with a variety of audiences.

October 2018

Jankowski, N. A. (2018, October). National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA): Reflecting on 10 years and beyond. 2018 Assessment Institute NILOA Track Keynote.

Verna, O. F., & Jankowski, N. A. (2018, October). Historically Black Colleges and Universities Assessment trends: Provosts’ perspectives. 2018 Assessment Institute.

Slotnick, R., & Quam-Wickham, N. (2018, October). Designing assignment charrettes to improve learning on your campus. 2018 Assessment Institute.

Rhodes, T., & Kinzie, J. (2018, October). The VALUE of learning: Introducing the VALUE Institute approach to learning outcomes assessment. 2018 Assessment Institute.

Bailey, S., & Marshall, D. M. (2018, October).  Integration of general education and the major: Mapping integrative learning. 2018 Assessment Institute.

Hanstedt, P., & Gambino, L. (2018, October). Finding freedom in general education learning outcomes: Rethinking assignment design. 2018 Assessment Institute.

Williams, E., & Baker, G. R. (2018, October). Effective communication of student learning assessment: Telling our stories better. 2018 Assessment Institute.

Grandinetti, F., & Treml, M. (2018, October). Using the Excellence in Assessment designation to advance campus assessment. 2018 Assessment Institute.

Jankowski, N. A. (2018, October). Reclaiming assessment: Changing the conversation. Mercy College visit Keynote.

Jankowski, N. A. (2018, October). Fostering sustainable and meaningful assessment. Mercy College visit workshop.

Jankowski, N. A. (2018, October). Assessment and achievement gaps. NASH Taking Student Success to Scale workshop.

Baker, G. R. (2018, October). Diversity, equity and assessment. 2018 Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE).


September 2018

Jankowski, N. A. (2018, September). Complicated relations: Supporting student success in an increasingly complex landscape. Austin Student Success Summit.

Jankowski, N. A. (2018, September). Current debates about assessing student learning. Boston University visit presentation 1.

Jankowski, N. A. (2018, September). How do we define (and design) meaningful assessment? Boston University visit presentation 2.

Jankowski, N. A. (2018, September). Assessment planning workshop. Boston University workshop.


August 2018

Jankowski, N. A., & Montenegro, E. (2018, August). State policy and assessment of student learning:  Supporting our learners or limiting success? State Higher Education Executive Officers Association Higher Education Policy Conference.

Jankowski, N. A. (2018, August). The Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP). National Louis University presentation.


June 2018

Baker, G. R., & Jankowski, N. A. (2018, June). Equitable Assessment Practices in Student Affairs. 2018 NASPA Conference.


Jankowski, N. A. (2018, June). Emerging Trends in Assessment of Student Learning: How Did We End Up Here? 2018 Watermark Engage.


Howse, M., Jankowski, N. A., & Orr, V. F. (2018, June). Trends of Assessment. HBCU Collaboration for Educational Excellence in Quality Assurance (HBCU-CEEQA).


Baker, G. R. (2018, June). Sustaining a Culture of Equitable Assessment Practice in Student Affairs. 2018 ACPA Convention.


Jankowski, N. A. (2018, June). Mapping, Learning, and Assessment – Oh My. Comprehensive Learner Record (CLR) project for the College System of Tennessee.


March 2018

Jankowski, N., Baker, G., & Fisler, J. (2018, March). Facilitating an Assignment Charrette: Providing Space for Faculty-Led Conversations on Assignment Design. Watermark Webinar.
The recording from the webinar can be accessed here.


January 2018

Jankowski, N., Kinzie, J., & Hutchings, P. (2018, January). A portrait of assessment that supports student success. AAC&U Annual Meeting.


October 2017

Jankowski, N. (2017, October). Building a case for a learning system. Assessment Institute.

Kinzie, J., & Kuh, G. (2017, October). National view of the field: 2017 NILOA provost survey results. Assessment Institute.

Marshall, D. (2017, October). Curriculum mapping and assignment design: Applying the learning systems paradigm. Assessment Institute.

Alao, S., Ertel, R., DeLauder, S., Dunston, G., Howse, M., Orr, V., Richardson-Wilks, P., Verzinski, B., Wade, L., & Williams, E. (2017, October). Assessment at historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs). Assessment Institute.

Gaston, P., Jones, N., & McInerney, D. (2017, October). Introduction to DQP and Tuning: Bringing multiple strands of work together. Assessment Institute.

Rhodes. T. (2017, October). On solid ground: Value report 2017. Assessment Institute.

Baker, G., Hobbs, H., Robinson, C., & Turos, J. (2017, October). Using the excellence in assessment designation advance campus assessment. Assessment Institute.

Robinson, C. (2017, October). Engaging stakeholders and building consensus for publishing the components of the NILOA transparency framework. Assessment Institute.

Huston, C., & Leary, M. (2017, October). Transparency in student learning and engagement inside and out. Assessment Institute.

April 2017

Jankowski, N., & Marshall, D. (2017, April). Meaningful Mapping: Aligning Learning Experiences to Enhance Student Learning.

Jankowski, N. (2017, April). Excellence in Assessment Designation: Lessons from the Field.

October 2016

Ewell, P., & Kuh, G. (2016, October). Past as prologue: Advancing the assessment agenda by avoiding pitfalls of our own making. Assessment Institute.

Click here to read about NILOA's track at the 2016 Assessment Institute.

Jankowski, N., & Kinzie, J. (2016, October). Future directions of assessment: Movement on the field. Assessment Institute.

Hutchings, P., Jordan-Fleming, M.K., & Green, K. (2016, October). Using intentionally designed assignments to foster and assess student learning. Assessment Institute.

Rhodes, T., Carnahan, J., & McConnell, K. (2016, October). A look ahead for the Multi-State Collaborative to Advance Learning Outcomes Assessment/VALUE Initiative. Assessment Institute.

Teitelbaum, E. (2016, October). Involving students and their perspectives: A student panel discussion. Assessment Institute.

Jankowski, N., & Gaston, P. (2016, October). Updates from the field: What are we learning from the Degree Qualifications Profile? Assessment Institute.

McInerney, D., Brookins, J., & Grossman, J. (2016, October). Engaging faculty: A disciplinary view. Assessment Institute.

Ford, K., & Marshall, D. (2016, October). Alignment and mapping: Helping to make meaning. Assessment Institute.

Hinds, T., Hundley, S., & Ribera, T. (2016, October). Excellence in Assessment Designation: Sharing our success stories. Assessment Institute.


July 2016

Hutchings, P. (2016, July). Assessment and integrative learning. LiveText Conference.

Jankowski, N. (2016, July). Assessing with students: Mapping learning experiences. LiveText Conference.

June 2016

Jankowski, N. & Marshall, D. (2016, June). Transformation through alignment. AHE Conference.

Jankowski, N. & Poczos, S. (2016, June). Curriculum mapping and assessment design: Aligning student learning for success. AALHE Annual Conference.

Jankowski, N., Kinzie, J., & Marshall, D. (2016, June). Degree Qualifications Profile & Tuning: Student learning impact and IR. AIR Forum.

Jankowski, N. (2016, June). Reframing reporting: From information access to engaged communication. AIR Forum.

April 2016

Kinzie, J., Eggleston, T., & Mello, B. (2016, April). Demonstrating Educational Quality Using the DQP and Tuning.

March 2016

Hinds, T. & Jankowski, N. (2016, March). Recognizing Excellence in Campus Assessment: Using the Excellence in Assessment Designation for Self-Assessment.

Click here to view a recording of this webinar.

December 2015

Hutchings, P. (2015, December 17). Catalyzing Collaborative Work on Assignment Design: Lessons from NILOA's Assignment Library Initiative. AAC&U Faculty Collaboratives.

Click here to view a recording of this webinar.

October 2015

Adelman, C. (2015, October 26). To imagine a verb: Assignments and learning outcomes. Assessment Institute.

Additional materials for this presentation can be found here and here. To read the occasional paper referenced in this presentation, click the link below.

Adelman, Clifford. (2015, February). To Imagine a Verb: The Language and Syntax of Learning Outcomes Statements. (Occasional Paper No. 24). Urbana, IL: University of Illinois and Indiana University, National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment.

Seymour, D., & Derwin, E. (2015, October). Competency-based education: Has this idea's time come?Assessment Institute.

Ewell, P.T., Brookins, J., Mello, B., & Martin, E. (2015, October 26). Developing meaningful, operational learning outcome statements. Assessment Institute.

Click here to learn more about the National Communication Association's Learning Outcomes in Communication Project, and here to learn about the American Historical Association's tuing work.

Gaston, P. (2015, October 26). Better ingredients. Better pizza. (Stronger outcomes. Improved Assessment.) Assessment Institute.

Savagian, J.C, & Allen, C. (2015, October 27). Learning from others: Designing assessment practices to fit your institution. Assessment Institute.

Jankowski, N., Montenegro, E., & Samayoa, A.C. (2015, October 26). The role and importance of student learning outcomes: Assessment at minority-serving institutions. Assessment Institute.

Hutchings, P., Gambino, L., & Helm, J. (2015, October). Embedded assessment: Models for supporting faculty in the design of effective assignments. Assessment Institute.

Giffin, L., & Hackman, E. (2015, October). Supporting community college faculty and administrator engagement in learning outcomes assessment: Updates from the field. Assessment Institute.

Jankowski, N., & Hinds, T. (2015, October). Communicating campus assessment work: The VSA EIA Designation program. Assessment Institute.


February 2015

Jankowski, N., & Giffin, L. (2015, February 26). Landscape of Assessment in Community Colleges: NILOA Survey Results. The Community College Conference on Learning Assessment.

Hackman, E.R., & Jankowski, N. (2015, February 26). Reimaging Faculty Engagement with Assessment: An Emergent Framework The Community College Conference on Learning Assessment.

January 2015

Hutchings, P., Jankowski, N., Kuh, G., & Marshall, D. (2015, January 23). The DQP and Tuning USA: Partners in Advancing Student Learning. AAC&U Annual Meeting.

November 2014

Kinzie, J., (2014, November 7). Using evidence to enhance student learning: Examples of good assessment practice. NEEAN Fall Forum.

October 2014

Beld, J. (2014, October 20). Making assessment matter: How not to let your data die on the vine. Assessment Institute.

Kinzie, J., & Jankowski, N. (2014, October 20). Using assessment results to improve student learning: A view from the field. Assessment Institute.

September 2014

Jankowski, N. (2014, September 12). Mapping learning outcomes: What you map is what you see. Myths and Movements: Reimagining Higher Education Assessment.

June 2014

Kinzie, J., & Jankowski, N. (2014, June 3). NILOA's Provost Survey: What we know about institutional assessment practice. Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education.

May 2014

Jankowski, N., & Kuh, G. (2014, May 28). Degree Qualifications Profile: A primer for IR and assessment professionals. Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum.

Jankowski, N. (2014, May 20). Assignment design. Fitchburg State University Curriculum Development Workshop.

Kinzie, J., & Jankowski, N. (2014, May). NILOA's provost survey on assessment practices: Implications for IR. Association for Institutional Research Annual Forum.

Jankowski, N., (2014, May). The power of shared experiences for advancing excellence. AACJC DQP Project Meeting.

Jankowski, N., (2014, May). Closing the loop: Using assessment results to enhance student learning. North Carolina Independent Colleges and Universities Assessment Conference.

March 2014

Blaich, C., & Wise, K. (2014, March 31). Implications for faculty development and enhancing student learning. Indiana Signature Assignments Workshop.

Ewell, P. (2014, March 31). Developing effective signature assignments: Lessons from the DQP. Indiana Signature Assignments Workshop.

Humphreys, D. (2014, March). Liberal rducation and America's promise: Why focus on signature assignments now. Indiana Signature Assignments Workshop.

Hutchings, P., Ewell, P., & Humphreys, D. (2014, March 31). Where policies and practice meet: Assessment and the way we work. Indiana Signature Assignments Workshop.

Jankowski, N. (2014, March 21). The role of IR in assessing student learning: Managing shifting priorities. Ohio Association for Institutional Research and Planning (OAIRP) Spring Conference.

Jankowski, N., Hutchings, P., Dawn, S., & Dodge, L. (2014, March 1). The Degree Qualifications Profile: A framework for assessing general education. Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) General Education and Assessment Meeting.

February 2014

Jankowski, N., & Allen, C. (2014, February 28). General education outcomes and NILOA's Transparency Framework. Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) General Education and Assessment Meeting.

Kinzie, J., & Lindsay, N. (2014, February 28). Assessment administrators anonymous: 12 steps for invovling faculty in assessment. Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) General Education and Assessment Meeting.

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January 2014

National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment. (2014, January). NILOA and the DQP. Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Annual Meeting.

Jankowski, N., Kinzie, J., & Kuh, G. (2014, January). What provosts say about student learning outcomes assessment. Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Annual Meeting.

Jankowski, N., Hutchings, P., Slotnick, R., Cratsley, C., Fulton, S., & Oates, S. (2014, January 24).What the DQP looks like on the ground: National trends and campus examples. Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U) Annual Meeting.

Jankowski, N. (2014, January). Assignment design workshop. North Central Michigan College: Petoskey, MI.

Jankowski, N. (2014, January). Assessment of student learning: An overview of the landscape. North Central Michigan College: Petoskey, MI.

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