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We invite you to view a page where we share NILOA's work in the field through Senior Scholar commentary and resources to highlight the range of our engagement in conversations around learning and share our work with a variety of audiences.

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March 2018
In March NILOA staff and coaches participated in various conferences, presentations and meetings with a focus on advancing student success and learning improvement. We participated in Advising Matters conference, presented at the Tuning Academy, attended Nanyang Technological University’s annual Learning and Teaching Conferenceand Learning Improvement Summit. Additionally, NILOA Senior Scholar, Dr. George Kuh keynoted The Educational Opportunity Fund Professional Association of New Jersey (EOFPANJ) 2018 Spring Conference. NILOA staff facilitated a webinar on assignment charrette, a workshop at the Changing Classroom Cultures 12th Annual Conference and delivered presentations during Promoting Student Transition and Equity in 21st Century Higher Education conference.

February 2018
Throughout the month of February, NILOA staff were involved in various meetings and conferences including AAC&U's General Education and Assessment conference, 5th Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Symposium, National Student Success Conference, and the New Mexico Higher Education Assessment and Retention Conference among others.

January 2018
It was a very busy start of the 2018 for NILOA. In January, our staff and senior scholars participated in Pikes Peak Community College’s annual Professional Development Week, WASC Assignment Design Charrette and AAC&U 2018 Annual Meeting: Can Higher Education Recapture the Elusive American Dream? To view presentations and commentary from these events, please visit the January entry.

December 2017
Last month, NILOA participated in The Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA) Conference 2017 Birth, Death and Rebirth: Does philosophy of education need a new Subject?, Credential Engine launch and NEASC Annual Meeting and Conference. To view presentations and commentary from these events, please visit the December entry.

November 2017
Through a combination of keynote speeches and presentations, NILOA staff were busy this past month. We attended the NEean Fall Forum 2017 Advancing Assessment in New England, the 42nd Annual ASHE Conference Power to the People, the NCA's 103rd Annual Convention Our Legacy, Our Relevance and the 2017 Virginia Assessment Group Conference among others.

October 2017
It has been nearly a month since the Assessment Institute concluded in Indianapolis. We would like to share our observations from select sessions that were part of the NILOA Track and provide you with an opportunity to access presentations from the NILOA Team. This section features commentary on Transparency across the Curriculum: Assignments, Alignments, and Learning Outcomes, by Pat Hutchings, Building a Case for a Learning System, by Natasha Jankowski, A National View of the Field: 2017 NILOA Provost Survey Results by George Kuh and Jillian Kinzie, Assessment at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, by Verna Orr and Using the Excellence in Assessment Designation to Advance Campus Assessment, by Gianina Baker. Please find exclusive commentary about this year’s Assessment Institute by Natasha Jankowski, George Kuh, Peter Ewell and Pat Hutchings in this section of NILOA in the Field.

September 2017
In September, NILOA staff participated at The 2017 European Higher Education Society Forum that took place at the University of Porto, Portugal, The 2017 Drexel Assessment Conference in Philadelphia, PA and at the Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) conference in Chicago, IL. In addition, Dr. Jankowski presented an interactive session at the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) Professional Development Conference in Reston, VA.

August 2017
The beginning of a new semester is a busy time for the higher education community. It is no different for the NILOA team, where meeting with a variety of stakeholders and participating in important higher education conversations is the essence of our work.
August started with the Annual Teaching and Learning National Institute, held at The Evergreen State College in Washington. We also participated in the Learning Systems Network Convening, delivered a keynote speech at the Distance Learning Symposium, co-hosted a webinar with Taskstream titled “Assessment in a Learning Systems Paradigm” and participated in the Credential Engine Advisory Group Meeting.

June 2017
Through a combination of keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, presentations, and meetings, the NILOA team was busy this past month. NILOA staff and senior scholars attended a meeting by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF), Taskstream's Tk20 Interactive Conference, the Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education (AALHE) conference, a convening by the Competency-Based Education Network (C-BEN), A Competency-Based Approach to Talent: Connecting Military, Higher Education and Workplace Learning, and the Assessment in Higher Education (AHE) conference.

May 2017
In May, NILOA held its annual National Advisory Panel Meeting, and NILOA staff participated in a Pathways for Adult Success (PAS) planning meeting, the 2017 Assessment, Teaching & Learning Conference, the Annual Teaching Excellence Conference in Toronto, the Learning System Network Convening, and the Association for Institutional Research 2017 Forum.

April 2017
This month, NILOA staff attended WSCUC's Senior College and University Commission Community of Practice for Advancing Learning Outcomes Visibility Pre-Conference Workshop, WASC’s Academic Resource Conference, WICHE’s Academic Leadership Forum, University System of Maryland’s Convening on Student Learning Outcomes, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Advancing a Massachusetts Culture of Assessment (AMCOA), and the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting.

March 2017
This month, NILOA staff attended the Learning Improvement Summit, the Assessment Network of New York 5th Annual Conference, and the Higher Learning Commission Annual Conference.

February 2017
It was a busy month for NILOA’s Senior Scholars. February was mostly marked with field activities based on reaching out to campuses and institutions that are working to improve their understanding and implementation of creative, responsive and effective assessment methods. Throughout last month, NILOA Senior Scholars traveled to Florida for a coaching visit at Broward College, Virginia for a Multi-State Collaborative Charrette, and to Arizona to participate in a 2017 General Education and Assessment Conference organized by the AAC&U. Please feel free to view commentary, opinions and participants’ perception of these events.

January 2017
Last month, NILOA participated in the Association of American Colleges & Universities’ Annual Meeting which was a reflection of a larger context surrounding higher education. To view presentations, commentary, and images from the Annual Meeting, please visit the January entry.




NILOA can be the connective tissue that links together and advances the work of various groups and organizations interested in using student learning outcomes to improve higher education.

George Mehaffy

George L. Mehaffy
Vice President for Academic Leadership and Change American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU)