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Sample Curriculum Mapping Tools and Development Resources


Curriculum Mapping is one tool for program level assessment and evaluation. Below we have gathered a number of articles and examples. Feel free to contact us if you know of additional resources or assessment tools.

Related Articles

Kelley, K. A., McAuley, J. W., Wallace, L, J., & Frank, S. G. (2008). Curricular mapping: Process and product. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 72(5),1-7

*Plaza, C.M., Draugalsi, J.R., Slack, M.K., Skrepnek, G.H., & Sauer, K.A. (2007). Curriculum mapping in program assessment and evaluation. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 71(2). 20.

This cross-sectional study looks at a design based on a learning outcomes document, testing a curriculum mapping technique.

*Uchiyama, K.P., & Radin, J.L. (2009). Curriculum mapping in higher education: A vehicle for collaboration. Innovative Higher Education 33(4), 271-280.

This qualitative study makes the case for the implementation of curriculum mapping, a procedure that creates a visual representation of curriculum based on real time information, as a way to increase collaboration and collegiality in higher education.

Udelhofen, S. (2005). Keys to curriculum mapping: Strategies and tools to make it work. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, Inc.

A workbook on curriculum mapping.

Sample Curriculum Mapping Tools and Development Resources

Assessment Matters

Judith Miller, executive director of assessment from UNF has assembled material related to curriculum mapping. Note item 2. Curriculum Mapping (10/23/2009).

Southern Connecticut State University

 SCSU provides some very developed and evidence-based curriculum mapping documents and resources with program-level examples.

University of Hawai'i

Describes Curriculum mapping and curriculum matrix: definitions, examples, and best practices.

University of West Florida's Center for University Teaching, Learning and Assessment

On this website, information is available about curriculum mapping with an example. A sample curriculum map is located in the middle of the page.

*Due to copyright regulations we cannot put up direct links to many of these articles, but they are available through many university libraries.