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DQP Corner Overview

Welcome to the Degree Qualifications Profile (DQP) Corner of the NILOA website! Here you will find a variety of information and resources for institutions working with the DQP and those interested in becoming involved with or learning from other institutions’ work. NILOA is working with Lumina Foundation for Education to better understand the utility of the DQP as a framework for assessing and advancing student learning. To learn more about NILOA’s role, click here.

A Map of Institutions Using the DQP by State

Blue boxStates with DQP Institutions Brown BoxStates Where DQP Use Has Not Been Reported

Click here to see a complete list of institutions working with the DQP.

New to the DQP?

For those new the Degree Qualifications Profile, commonly referred to as the DQP, this page serves as an orientation or starting point to learn more about the DQP and its potential uses.

DQP In Practice

Institutions working with the DQP will be featured, outlining successes and challenges encountered.

DQP Resource Kit

A variety of information and tools including literature and responses to frequently asked questions regarding the DQP are provided.

DQP Occasional Papers and Reports

Papers and reports related to the DQP on a variety of topics are featured here.

DQP Webinar Series

Check out our new page featuring all past and present webinar content!

**If there are additional resources that  would benefit your work with the DQP you would like to be housed on this site, please email Natasha Jankowski, NILOA Project Manager,